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How to Book your table and game at Buskers on The Ball:

In line with governmet recommendations Buskers on The Ball will open its doors to the public from Thursday, 02nd July 2020.

Step 01:
Using our online booking tool below, reserve your table online. Due to current government social distancing recommendations, maximum seating for 6 people will be allowed per booking. For tables larger than 6 please click here for our enquiry form and one of our team members will contact you shortly to see how we can assist.

Step 02: 
On arrival you will be met at the door by one of our hostesses who will show you to your reserved area and highlight the Games Booking Booth where you will be able to reserve your game of choice subject to availability.

Step 03:
 While you wait for your game’s table to be ready, we will be offering full table service to you and your guests offering several dining options.


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